Case design - Khadas VIM3/L modular magnetic click together case

One more issue that how to protect the cooling fan without small part falling down the the fin of the fan, you can check the NextC for reference:


I’ve updated 3D CAD Files for (most) of our products:

.step Files:

You can also find them linked within the Khadas Shop descriptions for each product.


Nice design, probably as Gouwa was saying have something on the top over the fan like a wire mesh, or an air filter like the 120mm fans in computer cases. It would not only help prevent bugs or loose articles from flying in but also keep dust out that would reduce airflow or short something.

@Gouwa speaking of the Next gen case when is that going to be up for order loving my DIY case but would love something a little sleeker, also does it have exposure to the GPIO pins should I need it?

The NextC case I showed above is not for VIMs but for Edge, but we just finished the ID and still no plan to build mold at the moment :smile:

Any designs from 3rd-party team is encouraged :heart:


OK, thanks for the clarification.

Updated VIM3/3L CAD files, there was an error with the height of the USB-C port:

Uploaded M2X Extension Board:


Some of the funny requests we receive everyday:

A GENERAL ANSWER: As far as I am concerned, you can put almost anything in to almost anything else,…just need a little imagination and a Dremel tool,…oh, and sometimes a hammer.:laughing:

When my M2X arrives, we shall see.:grin:


You forgot duct tape if things go awry.

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Yes, and sometimes a few of these :grin:

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actually that could make a good product like the Kap Case. probably make it a horizontal profile so you can add a tone board or screen as well without getting too thick and add the cutout from the DIY case so you can use the metal plate and thermal pad too adding to the modularity.

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true never know when you might cut yourself modding a case.

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Updated IMX214 Camera’s 3D model:

Edit: Note that VIM3/L does not support the IMX214 which is designed for the Edge SBC.

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Hey @ProjectSBC

Have you designed something for Vim3 and touchscreen?
I would like to know which is the cheapest 3d Printer I can get to make such type of cases? Also where is the right place to start learning FreeCad and make it a file for the printer to understand?

Note that the IMX214 is not designed for VIM3/L, and VIM3 cannot support this camera model.

In case there’s any interest in this, I designed my own lasercut case for my VIM3L. It should be easy to reuse and/or modify by those having access to a laser cutter. I initially thought about placing a small OLED display in it but for now I don’t need it, I may do it later. However I placed a small micro-USB to serial TTL adapter installed just on top of the WiFi chip.

The project is here for those interested:


Where can I buy one? Can it handle a heat fan?

Myself I would like to see a case with cooling that is thought out to protect the SBC in more harsh environments than a living room :slight_smile: My system is on order right now, understandably delayed due to the medical emergency.
I ordered it with the case that is offered now, with the intention of sealing it from dust etc, I dont expect it to be watertight of course :slight_smile:
My application is for use in a compartment under the seat of a motorcycle.
The compartment stays fairly dry but does get some dust, not much tho.
I also live in a rain forest so humidity is an issue, hopefully this works :slight_smile:

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Here is a printable prototype: I do not have the board so I can’t validate it! I hope to get one in the near future to actually test it.
If anyone feels ambitiious, can you try printing it and see (without magnets) if it somewhat fits?