A few queries from a Khadas Newbie!

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Official Images, I think!

Please describe your issue below:

New VIM 4 owner and struggling a little to get my head around some of the install/config having come from a Pi which just worked (in fairness it didn’t have emmc built in!)

I understand that I can’t boot Android from the MicroSD card, however am I able to dual boot by having Ubuntu Server installed on one of the EMMC or MicroSD and Ubuntu Desktop on the other?

Most of my use case is headless server type stuff via docker, things like NextCloud, Code-Server etc but would be handy to have the option to run the Ubuntu Desktop version if needed for the odd thing.

A little unclear from the Documentation, etc how I actually get an image to boot from the MicroSD card, not having any issue with installing onto EMMC though.

Apologies in advance for the basic questions!

Post a console log of your issue below:

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Use Pi Imager to burn an image on the SD card, insert and turn on. Be sure to have HDMI and mouse connected before power up.

I cannot find the SD images on the dl.khadas, I must have built them using fenix.

Best way is connect board to ethernet and power up. OOWoW will boot and let the wizard download and install to emmc, painless, fast and it works.

Thanks! I get the install onto the embedded memory via OOWoW thats no issue at all, a breeze!
But I want to be able to choose what I’m using; Ubuntu Server or the Desktop version if I have a call to - hence wanting to be able to boot off the MicroSD if I have the desire to.

I’ll take a look at Fenix and see if I can figure that out!

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Yes, I like doing that too, much easier for testing out different stuff.

You can also boot from SSD with a good USB adapter on the USB3 port, it is much faster than SD card.

Well I managed to get images built successfully via the Fenix tool - I now have it booting off the MicroSD card onto Ubuntu Server (as that what I’ll use most) and if I remove the MicroSD card it boots into Ubuntu Desktop.

I might decide to put the Desktop Install onto a portable SSD and have Android boot off the internal storage once I’m done but I’ve got an Android tablet so I don’t have as much need for that!

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