8563 Real Time Clock

часы реального времени ни к чему не подключены
я правильно понимаю
это пустышка и время на них не пишется с андроида
корректно их использовать невозможно так как они не подтягивают время из интернета а при подключении батарейки идут сами по себе.
поправьте если неправ
к чему они тогда ?
если на них нету точного времени ?

real time clock is not connected to anything
I understand correctly
this is a dummy and the time for them is not written from the android
it is impossible to use them correctly, since they do not pull up the time from the Internet, and when connected, the batteries go by themselves.
correct if wrong
what are they for then?
if they don’t have an exact time?

RTC requires backup power to operate, its not dummy, it definitely works
RTC just maintains time once calibrated, not fetch the time by itself, that is the job of the device itself…

можно подробнее
резервное питание стоит
но ничто не калибрует микросхему 8563
я читал ее при помощи ардуино
там нет точного времени

battery power supply
but nothing calibrates the 8563 chip
i read it with arduino
there is no exact time

@andreu7530 do you have the RTC battery ?

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да я писал что есть батарея

Hello, Your RTC is not working?

I just tested on my VIM2, version 1.2. On its eMMC is a custom Android ROM by superceleron .

Test conditions: No Ethernet cable connected, WiFi turned off, no access to internet or router.

-Installed RTC battery
-Booted VIM2
-Went to Settings, selected set time manually. I set the time and date.
-Shut down the VIM2, removed power, also HDMI cable.
-After 15 minutes, I reapplied power and booted the VIM2.
-The time and date were correct.
Conclusion RTC works. Keeps system time when system power is interrupted.

RTC was set from Android settings. This may involve the MCU, I speculate.

If not working, some suggestions…
Check RTC battery header for correct orientation and polarity. Ensure connector is fully seated.
If still not working, remove power from VIM2, disconnect battery, check battery for voltage.
These silks will help with orientation and polarity…
For VIM2 version 1.2, see silk.
For VIM2 version 1.4, see silk.
Schematics for both versions are here.

могу ли я читать время с чипа 8563 подключив ардуино к выходам I2C_SCK_B и I2C_SDA_B
can I read the time from the 8563 chip by connecting the arduino to the I2C_SCK_B and I2C_SDA_B outputs

I regret I do not know. Maybe one of the Khadas Team will know. @numbqq @Gouwa

I think that we are talking about the software part

@andreu7530 What is the firmware version you are using on vim2

я использую * [VIM2_Nougat_V190518] и у меня установлен DTV Board

@andreu7530 have you Check RTC battery header for correct orientation and polarity ,and check battery for voltage ,i will also to confirm the problem later