8 cores on tone board, what can they do?

I see the tone boards have 8 cores, I’m wondering what are they for and what can they be used for. Can we use them for any audio DSP processing etc

The main function of the XMOS is process the USB audio signal to I2S:

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Looks like it can do much more then that, but I see. I’m wondering if we can use the 8 cores for things

If you can write new firmware for the Tone Board then you can you may be able to do extra things with them. See the start of the Hardware Volume thread where occip did just that - it includes info on wiring the Tone Board to the XMOS debug hardware too. There are basic DSP libraries for xmos available for example. Depending on what exactly it is you want to do you may also have to write a new driver for you OS though.

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Oh ok cool, that’s not my area of experience but good to know lol