7 pin "Pogo Pad" connector for edge2 UART access

Hi. I need to get access to UART to start developing on/for the edge2.
Is there an appropriate adapter for this? (say, magnetic, or ?)

I’d like to have it more or less “permanently” installed as I would with header-based UART pins. No soldering allowed.

Also, are there docs for the pinout for the 7 pins? Better any UART than none.


Hi Ricardo,

Debug UART is available both on the pogo pads and on IO1 FPC connector (for which an IO extension board is in the works): https://dl.khadas.com/products/edge2/schematic/edge2_sch_v11_220920.pdf

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So TP2 is RX, TP3 is TX, and TP7 is GND?

I was hoping for some kind of Tag-Connect like cable, but if I understand the pogo pins are only meant for some “ARM PC” casing which is also not out yet.

@rpardini Counting from the right, the second and third.

Screenshot from 2022-10-09 09-09-05

Thanks Frank. I bet you guys have some kind of connector for this? I really don’t wanna solder to it, for obvious reasons. Getting UART up and running would let me work on Armbian for this board, but soldering is beyond my capabilities…

As for your ruined benchmark score here http://ix.io/4cxD

One interesting thing is RK3588s temperatures being generally higher and this strange downclocking also being limited to RK3588s so far: Introduce ROCK 5 Model B - ARM Desktop level SBC - ROCK 5 Series - Radxa Forum (see also few posts below – you’re not the only one having seen this).

Was your board running with fansink and fan active?

Yep; heatsink & fan installed. Booting into, say, oowow, fan spins, but curiously, it was stopped for the whole of the sbc-bench run. Don’t ask me, no idea. I’ve since moved on, sent the Edge2 to someone whos’ gonna put it to better use. I’ll check back in a year or so! Thanks for the help.

We designed Edge2 with two solutions:

  • Maker Kit: with Edge2 IO Extension Board, the Edge2 IO with GPIOs and more interfaces
  • ARM PC: with the Station Dock, the Station Dock with pogo pin and connectted to the 7-pin GPIO

Both these two product are WIP and will launch soon, but @Frank can post some photo or videos on these two products.

Since PVTM and RK3588s instead of clocking the A76 under full load at highest speed ‘chose’ to clock them at below 400 MHz :slight_smile:

I guess a lot more Edge 2 owners will realize this problem within the next weeks and Khadas might be eventually forced to deal with it once enough paying customers complain…

I checked out your post regarding this, glad you posted because we have the other board under consideration since the layout is better suited for our needs. What testing did you do to find that RK3588* BSP is based on 2.9 kernel?

I did nothing and it’s 2.6. A former Linux kernel maintainer (Willy) checked that, just follow the links from here.

hello Frank, can you give the dimension of the pogo pins and pin distance, thanks~

If I understand, the new I/O board for the Edge2 is now available, and there’s UART and serial available on it, thus ending this discussion…

Maybe you can use this 7pin Magnetic Connector

They have all kinds of Pogo pin Catalogue for your REF when you do design.
You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for Pogo pin(Thread&Side Solder&Ball Point&DIP&SMD&Double Head&Right angle&Solder cup&Female Pin etc…) and USB Magnetic cable…Magnetic Connector…
Below is Cnomax pogo pin Connector Catalogue :
Such as:


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