7 inch capacitive touch panel

You can create a cron job or something to make it start on startup

There is nothing stupid in asking questions, it is one of the ways of learning something :slight_smile:

moreover, a forum exists for this

try this

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no, the images are different, since the hardware is different, in any case, more information is on docs.khadas in the firmware section for the vim you need, or some of the users can offer you their own assembly, optimized

@Archangel1235 please give the instructions for this soon, it will be easier for others to get it, rather than asking you all the time :slight_smile:

in any case, questions will arise, since many do not want to spend time searching the forum

for compiling just copy this file into fenix/linux/arch/arm64/configs


make clean && make

Yes! Electr1 is goddem right! =)

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Thanks! _________ =)

Just a note. There are some universal VIM firmware in the Krescue images.

he wants a firmware where touch works

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I see. My apologies.

It works! The Ilitek ici2511c2p1 controller started working immediately after loading the OS. Big big big thanks to @Archangel1235!!!

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@hlebanet Archangel1235 has also provided instructions of how to build your own image as well, please check it out, it will be useful for you :blush:

Yes, thanks to him for his work and help!

I saw it. Need to try. I still need to understand how to set non-standard screen resolutions in this Ubuntu and I will be the happiest person on the planet.

oh that’s not hard at all, just do install emmc on the terminal , with that image booted on the SD card, and it will copy that image over to the eMMC

I don’t understand how to do this. Can I learn more? I enter a command in the terminal, but it returns an error: missing destination file operand after ‘emmc’

try to type in the search, somewhere there was an answer to your question!

@hlebanet I made a bit of error there, please do this, my apologies

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@hlebanet Work is being done with this in the Display resolutions testing topic, refer there please,