40 pin GPIO at tone board -> alternative SOC


Would like to check if the 40 pin GPIO on the tone board is compatible Odriod board?


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Off the top of my head, I would say no. Other than VIMs/Khadas SBCs, you cannot connect the Tone board physically to the GPIOs of other SBCs.
For additional info on whether the GPIOs can be connected electrically, see related Odroid schematic(or GPIO assignments) compared to Khadas schematics (from Khadas Docs)…
Tone board schematic
VIM1 schematic
VIM2 schematic version 12, version 13

NOTE: Tone board draws up to 500mA, if you attempt to power the TB with the GPIO of an Odroid, you should check to make sure it can handle a 500mA draw.


+1 to RDFTKV’s response