4.4mm headphone out or RCA to connect into an AMP?


Currently, in my setup, I can connect the tone 2 on my headphone AMP using two different ways:

  • using a balanced 4.4mm cable from tone 2 headphone 4.4mm out to amp’s 4.4mm in
  • or using RCA

What is the best choice in this scenario?

Balanced RCA should be the better bet if you need a powerful amp,
but do note, the 4.4mm has a headphone amp inside, so if your headphones can use that (doesn’t exceed max impedance), you can use that instead :slight_smile:

  • max impedance of 4.4mm is 300 Ω

RCA connectors are more commonly used in equipment intended for permanent installations. In situations where you have to frequently plug and unplug cables, it is best to use jack plugs. RCA connectors have a more reliable electrical connection between pins; Jacks in this regard are more capricious - over time they have to be cleaned or wiggled in the connectors in order to eliminate extraneous noise or jumps in the signal volume.