3rd-Party Ubuntu ROM for Khadas VIM

New image (Test 20170303) correction module mali. Checked on S905X - everything works, the temperature is over 70 degrees, the system is not falling. Please check at home. Please check the work WiFi network.


hi, can you provide the kernel source for this image?


awesome thanks, also how can i boot from sd without android installed on emmc? emmc is empty right now.

All images Armbian default has a built-in u-boot. If no eMMC in u-boot, the processor should use u-boot from SD card (from armbian).
You need to rename the file s905_autoscript in aml_autoscript (replace the existing file with this one).

I just keep getting

on the serial uart.

ok it seems like the image contains uboot.bin and not uboot.sd.bin which is necessary for sdcard boot. flashing that and renaming the autoscript did the trick

I haven’t checked booting with u-boot from SD card. Perhaps in the latest version I lost it.
add u-boot


Update test ver 20170309

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What kernel are you using, still 3.14.xx?

Yes. Kernel 4 not yet ready for use in the images for normal users.

Updated images (test 20170313) , now they default u-boot from VIM (s905x). In the same images used by u-boot from s905.


Update version 5.27 (test 20170316). Fixed the setting function in the internal memory eMMC.


Ubuntu Server Kernel 4.9 Details of usage can be found here.



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Do you plan to update desktop images using this kernel?

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So far this is not working-HDMI video output, so it makes no sense in the desktop images (images on the screen is not).

A test image of Ubuntu with the Mate kernel 4.9 (test\4_9\20170329) if you wish
to see , let the poor, but the image of the desktop (the image is
doubling, how to cure, I have not yet found). Console output not
working, but the graphic image appears. Initial configuration you need
to perform either via SSH or via UART. After the initial setting, after
restarting there is a DE. :slight_smile:


Hi, Balbes150:
Does the build use the Amlogic Openlinux official linux-4.9?

yes, Amlogic Openlinux official linux-4.9