3rd Party Ubuntu into emmc

Dear Guys, Thanks for the support!!

Followed your instructions, now i am able to run Armbian_5.32_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_server_20170821.img.xz via SSD card.

Now, i am planning to use the same image into emmc as booting.

  • I have flashed emmc (via USB-C) and TV screen is blank.
    i am stuck, tried to load the above image into USB tool, but showing error.

Pls help

Install to eMMC (NAND)

  1. Open the terminal

  2. Run “sudo /root/install.sh”


To install Armbian in the internal memory, you must execute multiple commands. We strongly recommend TO RUN the INSTALLATION to create a full backup of the entire contents of the internal memory. This will allow you to return to the current state of the firmware at any time. To create a complete backup you need to execute commands.

su -
(enter passwd root)

The running tip backup script

After creating the backup, to install to internal memory (eMMC) of the command being executed
Pay attention, if you are sure that you will be able to solve possible problems from the installation of the internal memory (eMMC), do NOT PERFORM these commands.

su -
(enter passwd root)



Why don’t You read the documentation ?