3rd party DAC/sound card support

Does the vim2 support any other dacs, the the tone boars is nice but I don’t feel comfortable with it since it has issues with a issue called a ess hump

Hi @DSBAudio,

You could try out other DACs with USB-input, and check to see if they have Linux / Android drivers. Same with how the Generic Tone Board connects with a Raspberry Pi via USB.

Regarding the ESS Hump:

According to ESS themselves, all ESS-based DACs have an “ESS hump”, some to a lesser or others to a greater degree. From our Audio Engineer’s 14 years of experience (@Edison) listening to a broad variety of DACs, this “hump” does not affect the audio quality of the Tone Board.

Perhaps it would be good to listen to an actual Tone Board first before passing judgement.

You Jun
Khadas Team

So the ess is not a big issue?
I was looking for non USB as I’m planning to make a device with built in dac not using usb, also is it possible to have a XLR cable output instead of the rca in the near future, RCA cables for me are always noisy when plugged into my studio monitors

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