3D Printer Hub?

As the title suggest, I wondering if the hardware on the Vim Pro and the required software exists on any firmware of the Vim Pro to make a 3D printer hub. I would like the hub to have a camera, ability to send g-code to 2 3D printers (which one is a TRONXY X1, but I’ll probably replace it’s electronics board so driver’s work)(don’t know about second one, yet), to send and recive files remotely, and finally be controlled remotely. I understand some software, but little to no hardware on ARM devices. I also plan on getting another 3D Printer and using GPIO pins to allow two additional USB ports and (hopefully another camera). A slicer would be nice as well.

If the Vim Pro can’t handle everything, I do understand; I am asking a bit much. I’m sorry if I placed this in the wrong Category.

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Going to use this thread as update platform for the project. Some other ideas can be found in this thread. I’ll be asking plenty of questions so please bear with me.

Old To-Do List:
Fix my Vim (won’t enter update mode)
Get compatible 3D printer electronics
Set-up camera (USB or Recycled Laptop (VimCam Project))
Remote File Sharing
Control Remotely
Install Repetier-Host (Other software can be used, but this is just my preference)

I only have a single 3D printer capable of being controlled/sent g-code right now so an additional 3D printer and camera is planned, but won’t be done for some time.

Updated To-Do List:
Get powered USB hub
Remote file sharing/control
Get 3D printer electronics

Fix Vim
Set-up camera (Just needs more power for better performance)
Install MatterControl

Install Repetier-Host (Installed Mattercontrol instead)