3705 fan: where are the screws?

Hi Khadas,

I just received 2x 3705 cooling fans along with heatsinks for vim3. While I could easily assemble the heatsink, I cannot find any fitting screw in the package for the 3705 fans: all provided screws in the heatsinks package (there are none provided with the fans) are too large in diameter to fit the holes in the fan and the ones in the heatsink.

Am I missing something ?


ok… just found out the second fan’s package has 4 screws (so I’m still missing 4 screws), but the first one I opened doesn’t have them. probably some shipping mistake.

Hello, Both of my fans had screws, but stuff happens.
Until you get it worked out, two screws, on the diagonal, in each should be sufficient to mount the fans.

@g4b42 thanks for the order and sorry for the mistake

@Kingsley please follow up.

Good day!

that’s exactly what I did :wink: thankfully there were screws in the second package, because such thin diameters are not in my usual leftover parts