3 issues to solve

1.) ::: Urgent ::: Please remove the Google retail demo app from the ROM because when we install our favorite kiosk software surelock the system produce a conflict. If we delete the app under app folder (with root permissions) it dosn´t delete all relevant files. The problem still remain.

When can we get the source code because you offer an open source system?

2.) On all our purchased devices we ha a color changing problem. The screen flickers in two color variations. It´s not the live background because in-app the problem still exists.

3.) We installed a usb microphone…it´s working fine but some settings are grey and not adjustable. Is there something to setup in the ROM (source code)?

We use Captain/EDGE and also EDGE-V!
ROM Android Edge_Oreo_V181111

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You can download source code for Edge from github.

# repo init -u https://github.com/khadas/android_manifest.git -b khadas-edge-nougat
# repo sync -j4

Did you means the RetailDemo application? You can try to modify the file device/rockchip/rk3399/device.mk

diff --git a/device.mk b/device.mk
index e37c3cf..d913135 100755
--- a/device.mk
+++ b/device.mk
@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@ PRODUCT_PACKAGES += \
     memtrack.$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM) \
     WallpaperPicker \
     Launcher3 \
-    RetailDemo

I can’t understand it well. Can you describe it in detail or take a video for me? Thanks

Download the short movie

We will try and replay…

It is Edge or Edeg-V?

on both boards… and on different screens and with different HDMI-Cable

OK, I will have a look for it . Thanks for your feedback.

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I tested it on my Edge-V. That’s no problem. You can look at this video. BTW, my rom is Edge_Nougat_V190126 .

You can download the new rom to have a test. Thanks.

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Sorry I also meant Nougat not Oreo.

We still use the same ROM as you.