2nd Round SMT Video

Any feedback/suggestions are welcomed, and we will take more different videos in the future.

Tell us which kind of videos you preferred(Reply to us when if vote Others):

  • Technical documentations
  • Production and manufacture
  • Product details and information
  • Others

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product review by user

what do u mean by user?

user already have the khadas vim box

When shall we see website reviews, did anyone get a sample for review?

I am not interested in production videos, although it looks amazing, but i would like to see it in action running Ubuntu, alpha or beta, i don’t really care, i would like to see it running any OS.

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Production and manufacturing are interesting.
Might be good to have some GPIO usage examples.
I have been in to TV boxes for quite a while, but as my first Dev board, I have much to learn. Looking forward to it.

EDIT: Earlier I watched the video on a phone with a 4.5" screen. I watched it again on a 23" monitor and it was much more interesting. Edited my post to reflect this.
I have amended my vote to include this type of video.

GPIO pinout for your reference.
And check Khadas Docs for further information.

Yes, will update more turotials at Khadas Docs.

Ubuntu alpha on VIM will relsese very soon.