21:9 Ultrawide resolutions in Android?

Is it possible on the VIM3 (or maybe Edge) to run a 21:9 resolution? My panel is very wide at 3840x1100, but 2560×1080 runs OK on it in Ubuntu. Android doesn’t seem to want to play ball though using wm size - (it just changes the scaling and doesn’t actually change the display output resolution…)


As an update, I found the u-boot-2560x1080.bin - this makes the boot up in the correct resolution, and then I was able to change in the normal resolution switcher…

Though the UI and apps still appear stretched, I guess the UI is still rendering at 1920x1080? Is there a way to adjust that at all? (changing wm size just results in the image not filling the vertical space).

EDIT: Found use native mode, which is now correct aspect but half of the display is wrapped with black bars in many apps, like this:

Is someone from Khadas able to assist here? I’ve been trying to fix this bug for a month with no reply. The issue seems to come from a year ago…

@cloudy firstly you can refer https://dl.khadas.com/development/how_to_add_new_resolution_timings.zip
then you can refer following commit
bootloader/uboot: 16f661e1ad2edbddd0d78cd4e7eecd4ac03ee87d
common: 5bbd22226d733666c076383c5f2e18c923fdfa68
hardware/amlogic/hwcomposer: 77e74e2229c13a8eff67ec06e3ba630e35c41617
vendor/amlogic/common/frameworks: 3cb626a80c1da6d4f9cbc6c9ff7503a801f60488
vendor/amlogic/common/apps/DroidTvSettings: 5a27ef3db39a14dbd2f352efe84127873b26ec41

Hi Jason, thanks - the resolution already exists - but there is a bug that distorts the screen. I’ll try to use those details to get native - but 2560x1080 that already exists would be fine…

Khadas replied in below thread stating a known issue that was due to be fixed Sept 2020