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VIM1S Specifications :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Yep, Tone2 is a upgrade for Tone1 with Balanced RCA support :blush:

And also similar performance with his brother the Tone2 Pro.

Good day!


Thank you.

Thank you! Have you measured the 2000 MHz for the A35 cores after all that Amlogic cheating or are you trusting in some sysfs number?

Since you’re using the fake 1.5 GHz clockspeed in your comparison this is a serious question. S905X on your VIM 1 is clocked with ~1415 MHz and not 1512 MHz as the cpufreq driver claims.

‘Linux 5.4’ is really bad since it is an indication for S4 family (S805X2 / S905Y4) suffering from the same problem as T7 (A311D2 on your VIM4): no mainline Linux support in sight anytime soon or at all.

Edit: just realized that AV1 decoding is also missing in your comparison PDF. I thought all the time that at least this would justify calling VIM1S an upgrade over VIM1 :slight_smile:

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Nope, it’s more crippled since only 2 PCIe Gen2 lanes and both are pinmuxed.

@tkaiser VIM1S:

khadas@Khadas:~$ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_cur_freq 
khadas@Khadas:~$ ./mhz 10
count=807053 us50=20980 us250=101651 diff=80671 cpu_MHz=2000.850
count=807053 us50=21017 us250=101662 diff=80645 cpu_MHz=2001.495
count=807053 us50=20981 us250=101646 diff=80665 cpu_MHz=2000.999
count=807053 us50=20986 us250=101714 diff=80728 cpu_MHz=1999.438
count=807053 us50=20980 us250=101728 diff=80748 cpu_MHz=1998.942
count=807053 us50=20978 us250=101653 diff=80675 cpu_MHz=2000.751
count=807053 us50=20985 us250=101650 diff=80665 cpu_MHz=2000.999
count=807053 us50=21009 us250=101663 diff=80654 cpu_MHz=2001.272
count=807053 us50=20980 us250=101648 diff=80668 cpu_MHz=2000.925
count=807053 us50=20984 us250=101877 diff=80893 cpu_MHz=1995.359

Your script is saying the VIM1S/S905Y4 does support the frequency up to 2.0GHz.

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Thank you! So I guess VIM1S gets a ~434300 AES score when benchmarking with openssl speed -elapsed -evp aes-256-cbc, correct?

But sbc-bench results will fly in soon anyway…

@tkaiser You can expect data and performance to be released gradually :laughing:

Well, quad-core A35 at 2.0 GHz already tells almost the full picture. The unknowns are ARMv8 Crypto Extensions present or not and memory performance which I would expect to be rather poor so hoping for a surprise :slight_smile:

And for those interested in media capabilities lacking AV1 decoding according to your comparison might be a bummer…

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Actually, VIM1S/S905Y4 supports the AV1 hardware decoding:

We will update the specs & comparisons table soon, and thanks for point out thus information that the audience might interest.

BTW, we will also release the S905Y4 datasheet to Khadas Download soon.


The S905Y4 has been available for a long time and datasheet is freel available on internet. Yes it has Crypto!.

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Yes it was, like many other free hosting sites it offer slow download free or pay for high speed subscription. As stated file is small, lower download speed was no issue. You just knee jerk assumed with no reading comprehension. Khadas had/ has the link and can/could check for themseleves or should i post a screenshot which you no doubt will scream different ! You decide, be dim or own up.

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Do you mean technical upgrade or also sounding superior to Tone1?
FYI, I do not use the balanced RCA.
Is there a SQ uplift also with unbalanced RCA?


I think so, but you can still refer more feedbacks from the reviewers.

The balanced RCA is compatible with the standard unbalanced RCA.

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Уважаемая команда khadas! создайте пожалуйста модуль батареи, для питания vim4 без розетки.
Чтобы я мог сделать портативный компьютер.
Спасибо за внимание!


Edge2 & VIM1S Specs update:

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Edge2 pro is missing the Ethernet interface specs.

@foxsquirrel Edge2 has no ethernet, but has high-speed Wi-Fi6.