2023 KFCI: Khadas Forum Awards for Top Contributors!

Please note that we will be on our Chinese Lunar New Year holiday from 8th to 17th Feb!

Dear Khadas Community,

As we step into a new year, we want to express our deepest gratitude to each one of you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. 2023 was yet another landmark year for Khadas, filled with innovation, growth, and community engagement. We embarked on several exciting ventures and introduced groundbreaking products that have further solidified our position in the tech world.

2023 Product Launches & Achievements:

  • The Edge2 ARM PC and Edge2 I/O Module marked our continued expansion in the Maker and Prosumer market, offering unmatched functionality and versatility for your projects.
  • We introduced the VIM4 v13 and Edge2 v12 single board computers, adapting to chip shortages with innovative solutions and ensuring our products remain at the cutting edge.
  • The launch of Khadas Mind on Kickstarter was a revolutionary step towards modular computing, introducing a new era of personal and professional computing flexibility.
  • Tone2 was officially open-sourced, embodying our commitment to community-driven development and innovation.
  • Our software updates, including new Android and Ubuntu images for our SBCs, have enhanced user experiences and opened new possibilities for developers and hobbyists alike.
  • The Khadas Audio App was finally released on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, offering an enriched audio experience to our users.
  • Our collaboration with Armbian has been strengthened, ensuring official support for Khadas single board computers, enhancing software experience and maintenance.
  • The Black Friday Sale was a resounding success, showcasing our appreciation for your continuous support with incredible deals and offers.

KFCI Awards 2023:

It’s time again for our much-anticipated KFCI awards. We are excited to recognize and reward our top contributors who have been instrumental in fostering our community. The KFCI (Khadas Forum Contribution Index) is a measure of one’s contribution to the Khadas Community, and is a set of data recorded for all forum users.

How to See Forum Statistics:

  1. Find the “hamburger” icon at the upper-right corner (to the left of your avatar).
  2. Click “users”, to go to the users page.
  3. Choose the option “year” to show the contribution statistics for this past year.

How to Calculate Your KFCI:

  • Received x 100 + Given x 2 + Topics x 10 + Replies x 5 + Read x 1 = KFCI Score

Awards for the Top 10 KFCI winners:

● 1st Place: $1000 USD cash and a Mind Modular PC
● 2nd to 3rd Place: $500 USD cash and Khadas Shop Voucher valued at $200
● 4th to 10th Place: Khadas Shop Voucher valued at $100

Note: We will DM (direct message) each one of you the Khadas Shop Vouchers, and determine your preferred method of cash disbursement or donate to a cause of your choice.

Gift Voucher Usage:

The gift voucher can be used to buy all Khadas products, such as:

  • Mind Series Modular PCs
  • VIM Series Single Board Computers
  • Edge Series Single Board Computers
  • Tone Series DACs
  • Heatsink & Cooling Fan
  • DIY Case
  • Tea, Tone2 Pro, Tone2 and so on.

Other accessories such as:

  • DC Adapter
  • IR Remote
  • HDMI Cable…

And, of course, our future products. (assuming the vouchers do not expire by then)

KFCI Spirit:

The KFCI awards are for forum members who have contributed to building up a community and mutual help. As we venture forward into 2024, our sense of community will continue to be essential to ensure continued success for all in Khadas Community.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

As we venture into 2024, our aspirations and hopes for the future are higher than ever. We aim to:

  • Continue innovating and expanding our product line with the latest technology and user-centric designs.
  • Strengthen our community engagement through more interactive forums, feedback channels, and rewards programs.
  • Enhance our software support and updates to ensure the best user experience across all Khadas products.
  • Grow our global presence, making Khadas products more accessible to tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Wishing You a Prosperous 2024:

As we embrace the new year, we wish you success, creativity, and joy in all your endeavors. Let’s make 2024 a year of remarkable achievements and innovations. Please note that we will be on our Chinese Lunar New Year holiday from 8th Feb to 17th Feb!

Join Us:

We invite you to continue this journey with us, sharing your ideas, projects, and feedback. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of Khadas and ensuring our products meet and exceed your expectations.

Khadas Team

Let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and what you’re looking forward to from Khadas in 2024. Your feedback is the cornerstone of our growth and innovation.


Oh Boy! Am I in second place? :eyes:


Congratulations to everyone.

I didn’t expect KFCI to happen this time as it was quite slow last year for arm development.

Thank you khadas for this.

Technically first.

Khadas can explain better.



It’s nice to be recognised on the list but I’ll abstain from receiving the prize. Khadas already sponsor LibreELEC in several ways and provide samples if/when we need them. I’ll be happy to see you promote the next-in-line contributors. Thanks and Happy New Year! … keep up the great work :slight_smile:


My hearty congratulations to all the members of the community and the winners of the KFCI award winners, you keep the forum and community alive and interesting and help bring the forum as an amazing place to information exchange.

As many know towards the end of last year, I have joined Khadas as intern to help with product development and documentation, and hope to continue a long term relation with the company to help build amazing products and software to the amazing user base.

To a great future ahead ! :wink: :heart:


This is my opinion on a next generation board.

  1. imx8m
  2. dual ethernet
    3)M2 onboard NVMe (no adapter board) gen 3 minimum.
    4)Layout the ports so the board can be easily mounted in a custom cabinet without using cables/adapters
    5)Full yocto support (core-image-minimal and core-image-weston), meta-khadas layer with full multimedia.
    6)Debian desktop image
    7)Header like the current Vim boards or a hybrid using something similar to Beagleboard capes. Stack a relay board, multiple what ever on top of the core board.
    9)Barrel connector for the 12 volt, 12v so that a touch screen can be directly connected.
    10)Open the next design up with open source community involvement and get their input regarding features and functionality.

This is just a little bit of a wish list, I encourage others to add to the list.

Khadas has proved to be an amazing company with the finest products im super happy to be part of this community. WooW 500$ Gis Happy Days :beer::beer: plenty of booze now.