2 independend screens

Sorry for the question, I’m not a coder. According to my research, Android can display different content on several monitors at the same time: Multi-Display overview  |  Android Open Source Project
In my usecase I will use 1 X USB-C / 1 X HDMI (Edge2).
Monitor A (touchscreen) is connected via USB-C and monitor B is connected via HDMI (monitor). The app input is given by the user via monitor A. This screen shows 4 pictures. If the user is touching one of the 4 pictures, this picture will be displayed on monitor B. Monitor A still shows the 4 pictures.

Is it possible to use the edge 2 with android in this way?
Thanks for your help!

Hello @feuerbach

@xiong.zhang @goenjoy can clarify this for you.

@feuerbach Sure.

Thanks a lot for the link, question is answered.