10 inch touchscreen (orangepi) for Edge 2

Dear community,
I am relatively new to sbc projects. I was thinking about the connecting a touch screen to the Edge 2 for a portable device. Of course I could just connect an external monitor via usb C, but through the MIPI DSI port would be practical.
The 5 inch Khadas touchscreen is too small for my use case though. I have found Orangepi sells a 10 inch touch screen with a MIPI 40 pin port. Should it be technically compatible, or could the pins be differently placed?
Also, should I then get a driver from the manufacturer or are those upstreamed in the linux kernel?

It is not compatible, you need to design a convertor if you want to use this screen.

You can check the connector PIN order from the schematic. https://dl.khadas.com/products/edge2/schematic/edge2_sch_v12.pdf

You need to edit the dts to add the timing of your MIPI screen.