Volumio for Khadas


You mean, install Volumio on sd card. Start Volumio and then install Roon Bridge on Volumio’s SD card. Is it right?


Install Volumio on SD or eMMC.
From volumio.local/DEV/ enebale SSH
and from SSH install Roon Bridge


I don’t know how to do it :disappointed_relieved: I live on android :grin:


there is no Roon end point for Android! Only control app. You still can use android with Roon Server by uPNP or AirPlay.

Android is not an audio friendly OS in terms of audio quality. To many limitations. Roon support Android only for control but not as player.


No no no.
I mean: I know how to do on android, but I don’t know anything about Linux.
I mean: I don’t know how to do “From volumio.local/DEV/ enebale SSH and from SSH install Roon Bridge”


I am confused now. You have own Volumio build, but you don’t know how to SSH to it? And where is Android in all this?


I have balbes150’s Volumio, not my ROM. I have own android ROM only.
The android on VIM2 is installed on the panel (on car) as the head unit. The volumio/roon on VIM1 will be installed in the baggage hold (with audio system) and will be controlled from Android.


Hello! I burn the image Volumio-0.6-2018-02-16-vim-armv7.img on the SD card
But I do not find where to specify that it would boot from the SD card.
Power ON with the F button does not help.


It’s written in many topics!
Read the forum plz.
I can’t write it step-by-step on the fly but in general you need to go in android settings, update, load … chose the .sh from the SD card … update
this will reboot your VIM from SD and every time you have SD/USB installed will use it as a first boot option.
If you want o install Volumio on eMMC you need to do install.sh from root folder (if i remember correctly)

It’s all about reading :wink:


Okay! Waiting for the Tone Board, this is my audio setup, based on VIM2 (LMS, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, UPnP, Airsonic and of course ROON), XMOS and AKM DAC … and some good analogue power for less than 250 usd. Next step is to make a good case :wink: I want to thanks once again to balbes150 for his builds of Armbian :slight_smile:


Hello! I installed Volumino in emmc, but it still loads for a long time, about 35 seconds, I thought it would be faster. Most of the time I see the letters Khadas, as if the bootloader is waiting for something.
Tell me please how to load the WI-FI module


One more bug is found on Volumio: Russian fonts are not displayed.