Power Supply Suggestions


I would like some suggestions on COTS supplies that work well the VIM2 using the USB type c connector

I have have 3 usb AC-DC convertors I’ve been trying to power the VIM2 with and have had mixed luck.

Amazon Charger - Runs but when I turn on WIFI in Android the board shuts down.
Google Pixel Charger - board doesn’t even boot up
Old Ipod Charger - board works but shuts off when I have an external drive attached and try to access something.


Hi, maredsous10:
Can you provide the specs for each DC adapters?

Basically, 5V/2000mA+ is recommened for VIM2.



Thanks. I just ordered a Khadas PSU from gearbest.

Any idea why a Google Pixel charger wouldn’t work? It’s rated at 5V/3.6A I believe.


I guess some adapters spec as Quick-Charge, no sure if the adapters will check hardware model first before working.

Does the Google Pixel charger works fine to other devices? (Except VIM2 and Google Pixel Phone)