2560*1440 HDMI resolution on Android: how to?


Hi all,

I have a great 2560*1440 panel and would like to get the most of it with the Khadas VIM2 (MAX) on Android (7.1.2, current version).

Currently, it only gets up to 1080p@60 Hz and there is no Android option to get higher than this (only lower). It’s supposed to support up to 4K though, so is there any way?



I’m sorry to reply for you so late. The VIM2 don’t support for resolution 2560*1440 output.
About more HDMI Vesa resolution informations, You can refer to HDMI Resolutions testing


Thanks. Is this a video controller limitation, or a software one?


It need to modify many clocks and register of CPU. You can refer to HDMI_CLOCK.pdf
and try to add support for it, Thanks.