Zephyr OS on VIM3

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Please look into this. Let me know if something required.


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Hello @shisin

You used the mainline u-boot and kernel for zephyr os ?

@numbqq Yes, it is mainline. As mentioned in my past post, I have downloaded and load the u-boot provided by Khadas official site.

Please make sure your storage have correct partitions, you can debug under u-boot whit command ls mmc xx:xx to check whether the file you need is exist.

The snapshot you have mentioned was of, before I transferred the Image through TFTP server. So, there will be no file before transferring the image. But once images are transfer to the load address with help of tftp, I have used the bootm command for boot-up the zephyr image.
Please refer to the previous post.

@numbqq Gentle Reminder.

Can you please look into this?


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