Win10 drivers issue

i am not certain this is the issue, but after playing happily until i moved to win10, it seems that when the o.s. updates the xmos drivers, it inadvertently kills the khadas mid song

i have made it work again after ponderously reloading the supplied driver, rebooting and reconnecting, but unfortunately the latest iteration of win10 seems determined to continue the “improvement” periodically, despite me trying to block update

will the khadas work with generic xmos drivers ? (doesn’t seem to, but will try again tomorrow)

anyone know how to tell win10 to cease and desist, and leave the driver un"improved" ?

Hi, can you show us the win10 version of your PC:

Not sure if you have upgraded to 1911.

Btw, which version XMOS driver you installed?

Good day!

thanks for the reply

i have just updated to 1909, and of course, it appeared to fix the problem… briefly

it now seems that the root cause is actually the usb cable (or the usb port on the htpc) having issues, as replugging restarts the sound when it drops out, and i have read that the tone board is sensitive to usb disturbances

i have changed the usb port i use, and live in hope, but if the problem recurs i will need to source a replacement usb-c cable

not a major problem, but it is very sad when lovely sounds suddenly become silence :frowning: