Why cant i use the Khadas firmware on a differnt board?

If a different board i have has all the same CPU, GPU and ram why wont the Khadas firmware work?

I got a cheap Libre le potatoe board off amazon and it has all the same specs as the Khadas VIM1 and ive tried all of the different VIM1 firmwares and they dont work on the other board.

The lay outs are differnt but i dont understand why if they have the same basic parts why they dont cross over.

I can see sound, wifi and bluetooth not working but i dont get why the CPU, GPU and memory wont work

There was one file i found some one patched a VIM3L ATV SUperceleron made and the guy patched or recompiled it or something and it acutally booted and i was able to play a few games with it get on line and do a few things the sound was the only thing i coudnt get to work but other then that it was the best running firmware so far.

I’m no specialist, that’s for sure, but I would assume there are several reasons. For instance DTB, bootloader and some system specific files/drivers. Memory(timings) type used can also be a hurdle. Some of these differences can even exist between the same model, but different revisions.
In the case of Khadas or other SBCs vs your average TV box, enhanced features like GPIO, the MCU used and other features not found in the usual TV box, may complicate the issue.

People with the right skills, like superceleron or mo123, can usually use one firmware to run other devices, just have to change/add the right things.

Just my two cents.

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That makes sense i never thought about ram timings, i didnt realize the OS controlled that part.

Memory timing (or) CAS timing is set inside the system’s kernel…, more specifically, the ramdisk…
also the Kernel defines almost everything in your device…

so the kernel of one device may not be compatible with the other… even if the Technical specification or the SoC used is same…, hence causing the firmware of one device to be incompatible with the other devices…

This is half the trouble, you more often come across native software that cannot be completed for years, you are talking about the incompatibility of the hardware

I found one, i went to the forum of the board builder and since the board came out in 2018 there was an older post some one found a version of Android 6 that worked. He was building a sort of car stereo using this board and a touch screen and found a rom for the google nexus.

So i tried it and it works! it actually works better then the 2 files they have on their site for the board they are selling.

Its not a better board or value then the VIM1 but it was fun to tinker with for about a week trying to figure it out. I dont think i have flashed more roms to a board more then i did this one. I must of flashed it 20 different times trying everything i could find that was for a S905X chip, i cant believe i didnt brick it.

Now im bored again :neutral_face:

The bored has a layout kinda like a Pi3, infact im using a pi3 case for it

now wait…, do you want another SBC ?
or do you want different firmware ?

lol, idk, its Android 6 so ide try anything newer till i find something better but i dont see anything really running better to be honest. It doesnt have a working wifi at the moment but i think i found a wifi usb dongle that is suppose to work for it.

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Im a SBC junkie i go to any forum that will talk back to me lol, even a couple they wont lol

That Libre board is dead i just talk to myself over there. Every once in a while a forum modirator will speak in toungs, i told the other users on that forum about the nexus firmware some one found to work on that board that with that firmware the Khadas remote works all functions but the mouse button and he sais something reall strange "BowerR64 For Android, the RC maps control bindings so you can theoretically use any remote as long as you modify the remote.cfg file in our Android releases. We have a specific IR remote preconfigured but the mouse mode is also configurable. programmers lingo?

I forgot, i was on that other board freaktab or something and there was a file for the S905X i tried and the firmware was called “X96_Khadas_Vim_Pie_ATV” I believe its a hacked version of superceleron some how it worked though


Notice the VIm3L? and im sure you dont reconize that box looking anything like a vim of any kind

Maybe if you check out discord, you might find a lot more people who are just as active as our khadas forum…

Forums tend to be left as places where, people ask doubts, clear their doubts and head on their merry way…
so they don’t interact much…

Trust me, discord groups are like underground bunkers where everyone is hiding :grin:

so did you go to that other forum freak something a few weeks ago it was down and i swear it was hacked and some on eposted like a paint tag or something when i clciked it it said something like "Site dominated by insert hacker name controls this space

Least thats the thought i had when it was down

The software that the forum runs on had an issue and FT was pulled down, it has since been patched. It happens.

its happened a few times since ive been going there.

Time before last was a server funding issue.

Ya know when i think about it, is this legal?

I remember some one saying that beelink was hacking widevine and they got caught.

So what is the difference here? If i get a board that hasnt paid its dues and i put a firmware on it that is from a board that has and the cheap board that hasnt paid its dues to widevine or what ever the digital rights crap is its sort of tricking them into thinking its something that its not? The OS im running on this libre potatoe board is from a Nexus MX3 II and it has all kinds of apps on it including the playstore and all kinds of stuff

maybe im over thinking this