Why 2 Tone Boards Splitting Android MacOS Support?

As an owner of Android and MacOS that has used my last 4 or so DACs with both systems, why did Khadas split the operability on both platforms to 2 boards ?
It means I have to choose my main platform for one board and forego one or buy 2 toneboards…never seen such an OS-split design before !

So there will be no way it will work OTG with Android if I buy the generic version ?
Or can it work in some cases with Android OTG, but specfically just stated as “not supported” for generic boards on Android just to let people know there can be issues pairing to the 2 different OSs ?

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Is anyone successfully using the Generic Edition with Android as well as MacOS ?

Actually, both Android and MacOS works.

But we not recommend Android for High-Res Audio due to the the Audio SRC(Sample Rate Conversion) will resample all rate(192/384/…) as 48K.

Have fun!

I think Hiby app sends audio out bitperfect, maybe bypassing SRC…as my 16/44 is unaltered sent out to another DAC unit.

Can you specify more information on this :wink:

Anyway, the KTB works on Android device.

I can use 16/44 REDBOOK audio with Hiby and it is bitperfect…so it is not upsampling with Hiby…
therefore I guess it will not downsample hi-res. with Khadas board.