Who will be able to port already ported OS Deepin Ubuntu under Khadas VIM3 Pro?

I like Deepin for its user-oriented interface. There is a ported OS Deepin Ubuntu. There is a Linux kernel under Amlogic. There are craftsmen to port OS Deepin Ubuntu under Khadas VIM3 Pro? Link to OS Deepin Ubuntu port: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xkQPb4tWocknuYeY-t41W--kz-9SSL0V/view
Site: https://www.deepin.org/ru/dde/desktop-transplantation/

This is for amd64 which is pc. You will need to port all the library and the apps to aarch64 to make it work on any arm device.

Idk if anyone have worked deepin de for aarch64. From what I have read about deepin that it keeps breaking due to its dependency issues.

You should try Manjaro KDE and customize the Ui according to ur convenience.