Which Pin for the Vim2 cooling fan slot?



i´m searching for the pin to adapt the fan to the cooling fan slot. Which size ist it?
I was looking for VST 0,8 but theres are different sizes between 1mm to 2, 54mm.
In Germany i´ve found this one: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Micro-Mini-2-Pin-JST-SH-kompatibler-Stecker-mit-10cm-Kabel-1-0mm-28-AWG/162879971878?hash=item25ec672226:m:mKouAgGvSUF5rf2WSvK_isg

I this ok?


right here

must think to reverse the threads, the red on the black and the black on the red
2 pins in 0.8mm


For the Extra Power input is the same kind of connector but with 4 wires? Or it is different?