Which GPIOs the ToneBoard uses?

I’d like to know which GPIOs are used on the ToneBoard and if I can use I2C pins for other stuff at the same time

Hello, Perhaps the Tone Board schematic will have the info you need.
An excerpt from the schematic showing GPIO…

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Great, thanks! As I understand it, then the I2C0 pins are not used by ToneBoard (but for the screen?) and I2C1 are free, is that correct? That’s what has me confused.

Looks like I2C0 just get passed from a VIM SBC GPIO to the OLED Header. Also the block diagram in the schematic shows only power and USB go to the DAC via XMOS, SPDIF excluded, also seems to show OLED in/out between SBC and OLED header.
I2C1 shows no connection to the TB PCB based on the schematic.

If this information is necessary in your decision to get a TB, you may want to wait for confirmation from one of the Khadas team.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the clarification and for the help, honestly!

I actually bought one a few days ago, it was more a matter of being sure because I’m doing a product with it (VIM3 + TB). Anyway it’s easier to deal with lack of I2C (could use Serial to comunicate with MCUs, even if that would be a dirty solution) rather than with writing an ALSA driver for a custom made DAC.