When can i buy it?

nextc case

Im ready to buy this case I NEED IT!

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I saw it somewhere in the archives of the forum, but I don’t remember if someone gathered it, or is it Khadas’s work

Woah!, Hold you horses,
sorry to break your hopes and dreams, but it does not really exist for public sale, yet… :neutral_face:
Khadas said the design and all is ready, Just the mold has to be made for production.

I didnt think it was real at first, the image looks like its just a cad drawing or something till i seen this video

Nextc case is real

give a link to the video

I tried i think its on freaktab and the site seems down, ill try though

Its a google link i found so if dont work not my fault



I think this is not an official version, someone made it on their own,but looks unusual

ive seen it before

nextc 1

yes, it means there really were plans, only I don’t know why they were suspended, maybe some engineering problems arose during development

Yeah, Gouwa said that somewhere in one of his posts,

thanks for clarification, the status is not known at the moment, but let’s hope that it will be released soon

Yes, “Hope” is a strong word :grin:

Is there a 3D printer file for it?

Maybe they can release a 3D printer version and we can just print it ourself?

I assume that Khadas will be ready to provide you with its drawings for the 3D model

@BowerR64 It is still in preparation, the specific time has not yet been determined, please pay attention to our website, after the preparation will be announced on the official website