What is the easiest way to run yolox on khadas npu?

Hi, I am looking into buying a khadas VIM3. Initially, I want to run YOLOX. Can anyone explain the quickest/easiest way to run YOLOX on VIM3 NPU? Is there support for the pytorch? Will I need to convert to a different model, then convert to NPU? Is there any obvious issues I should be aware of?

@d3-worgan Our demo just have yolov2 yolov3 yolov4. But VIM3 support Tengine. Tengine have yolox demo.

You can follow our docs to do this. I think the postprocess don’t have too mach difference with our yolov3 demo

Support pytorch. But just support v1.2. I suggest you convert pytorch model to onnx model. the use our convert tools

Thanks for your help Frank.

I managed to convert the pytorch model to an ONNX model, and am now waiting for the VIM3 to be delivered!

Jean-Luc’s article was also quite helpful in getting an introduction to the NPU. I expect I will need to pay some attention to this as well if using the Tengine

I will let you know how I get on.


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Hey Dan,
Got any feedback from running up the NPU. Looking to use x on VIM3 also, care to share your experiances?


Hi James I never managed to get anything running properly can’t remember the details but was stuck between some dependencies and gave up!

Not sure if software support has progressed since or potentially I was missing something obvious… Good luck!