What is needed for the dtv tv extension board?

Hi guys.

Just a short question about the dtv extension board.2

I alredy know that i have to burn the tv firmware to make it work for android.

Do I also have to burn a patch that i have seen? Or is it enough to burn only the tv firmware?

Does the superceleron firmware also includes support for this extension tv board? Or the only compatible firmware is the tv one?



Yes, you have to apply fixup_dvb.7z. We will release a new VTV Rom to fix it in next week(Monday or Tuesday).

Yes, @superceleron asked me to provide VTV Rom for him.I think that he will release ATV Rom to support VTV board.

Thank you. Now i have everything clear:)

Yes im going to make a ATV build for the VTV rom :slight_smile:


@Rashii @superceleron I have released the ROM VIM2_Nougat_vTV_V171024

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Thank you Terry! Very good news!

Thks @Terry :slight_smile:
i will start at it this weekend

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Thank you very much @Terry. I will test it this weekend. Cheers