What happening with new design of Kap Case

Beginning of decemder was 4 mounth ago. And i make an order for some parts to EDGE+mainboard.
It was information latter about some problems with stock for this parts and:
"We are so sorry for your inconvenience. We plan to finish the Kap Case after Chinese New Year.

If there is any further idea, I will let you know. Is this ok?

Thank you very much!

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Will it be? I mean new disign. And could you give us renders if yes.

@Borei I’m sorry . Our sales team will help you to slove this . @Gouwa @willow @Kingsley

Hi @Borei,
Sorry that we didn’t follow our schedule.

Yes, I think @tsangyoujun you can share 3D file of your design.


I already wrote- 10$ isn’t problem.
I just want to say that it is interesting to see difference.
Maybe it will be more functional. Because last 7inch display can’t solve small picture problem.

Here is a link to download the files for laser cutting and assembly.

We wanted to do a second batch of Kap Case for 2020, however the supplier was closed for Chinese New Year, and again due to the virus. So looks like this project will become fully open-sourced.

Everyone is free to design your own casing, and produce it locally! Acrylic is cheap to buy and cut anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’re working on the second batch of Kap Cases. The side panels have been increased from 2mm to 4mm, and this improves the durability as well as the compressive strength.


Thicker can be better. That being said, my Edge+Captain+Kap took a nasty fall a while back. While I have no display on it, the rest survived the event without incident.:slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s lucky! Unfortunately the thin side panels resulted in many of the manufactured units having to be returned due to defects - which is why we didn’t produce too many the first time round. :smile:

I also note that the thicker sides result in a sturdier, and more confident grip.

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Well, I have always had more than my share of luck. :grin:

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I’m also trying to maximize the size of the button holes, without compromising integrity. The 4mm thick sides help here as well.

Unfortunately the back plate has to remain at 2mm to ensure the ports are accessible.


Top Loading Design:

Advantage - Captain + Edge are easily accessible for modification / hacking, without removal of the LCD screen.

Disadvantage - Uses 8 more fasteners, as compared to the Bottom Loading Design.