What can be the unique ID for each VIM3

I want a unique ID for each VIM3, is it possible to burn one into the box? And which ID is the most suitable one for this purpose?

I don’t want to use MAC address since this might have duplications. Any unique ID and doesn’t change on reboot?

Hello, Have a look here.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Is this ID static? I mean it doesn’t change on reboot.

example for mainline kernel

cat /sys/devices/platform/secure-monitor/serial

For reference, running the latest Android Pie, VIM3_Pie_V210128, I input command at the linked page I posted, serial number returned. Same serial number was returned after reboot. Same serial number was returned after power removed for 10 minutes. It is static and unique(exclusive), as confirmed by hyphop below.

I think the OP wants to know, does the reported serial number stay with the VIM3 no matter what OS or kernel is used? In other words, is the reported number tied to the hardware and exclusively unique to each VIM3?

yes ! must be unique ! just diff way to extract it for diff version kernel

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