What are the plans for VIM3?


I am a PhD student at NTNU, Norway. In the past year I have been designing and testing an autonomous collision-tolerant drone that we called RFM (Resilient Micro Flyer). Needless to say, the onboard pc is a VIM3-Pro, so far the best off-the-shelf single board pc I found.
The results are impressive for such a tiny board. This is just one example of result: Autonomous subterranean exploration with the RMF aerial robot inside the Hagerbach underground mine - YouTube

The main limitation I found on this board is the limited cpu capabilities to run complex software and the RAM, only limited to 4gb.
Is there any plan to release a VIM3 v2 ? Possibly with increased cpu and ram power?

Thank you in advance



There is no upgraded SOC yet from Amlogic so I doubt there will be upgrade anytime soon.

Did you using NPU?
You can try use large (maximum 10Gb) swap file on a SSD.
ROS can utilize many VIMs.

Good to see the VIM3 is powering your your drone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The next generation VIM with 8GB RAM is on the way


pls post updates, very much excited for its release :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yes the NPU is impressive, we run in flight object detection at 5hz yolo v3. We only modified the weights and it was good to go


Why not 16? :wink: ahaha!

In the case when swap is 2.5 times more than RAM, performance degradation occurs.

Please share details of the soc, there seem to be no update from amlogic though.

Happy to read this excited news.