What are the news. edge ,edge v


final straight, finish line and close, the checkered flag is ready.


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Those are bare PCBs still in the two-up panels by the look of things. So, just being curious, but do you have your own pick and place machines, etc. to populate them yourselves, or do you outsource that job?

We will do SMT next in the coming days in factory(our partner factory not ours).

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Hope it all goes smoothly for you. I was just being nosey when I saw the bare boards, wondering if you did it in house or not. The kit’s pretty expensive!

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we no longer see any video or other test on the edge and edge V.

people had it in mind.

News from the testers would be nice too.

it starts to be long and voila the vim3, tip its nose.

the day I receive my V edge, I saber champagne.


thank you

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What kind of tests would you like to see? I could probably do a few. @Gouwa and team are 996ing, they are very busy.

I’ll pop-over to the factory next week with @kenny to take a few photos. Or if a factory visit isn’t possible, I’ll photograph the incoming stock when it gets to our office.


Thank you for the quick reply.

I have always been in android with my vim2 max.

I have never had problems with, no crash or other.

but with the edge V, I want to test something else.

it has a lot more possibility, camera, ssd etc.

ARMBIAN, libreELEC, linux or other.

will everything work, wifi, network, etc.

I use a lot of kodi streaming and IPTV in android apk.

I do not worry, I know it will be good.

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Edge-V software tests for:

  • Armbian
  • LibreELEC
  • Linux


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The latest version of Armbian (version “default” with kernel 4.4) runs all hardware including WiFi and BT (need a small setting to automatically turn on BT). When installing media script, HW works for full-screen video (Kodi with HW is included). With 5.1 core, wifi and BT are not working yet, there is no sound via HDMI (with 5.1 core I am using USB sound card yet) and no HW support. Libreelec - runs all hardware with HW. By the way, Kwiboo wrote that he plans to add another version of LE with the main kernel (5.x).


To do:

  • Waiting for the SMT factory to confirm the time for Edge-V, Thursday or Friday.
  • Make a video of the “Captain DIY Game Machine”, when the new Captain + LCD Panel arrives.


Okay @Gouwa @kenny and myself will be heading to the factory this saturday to oversee / document the SMT mounting process. Edge-V will be done first, then later Edge.


Take lots of Pictures if allowed be interesting to see :movie_camera: :camera: :video_camera:


Visit to the SMT factory on Sunday morning, 26 May 2019: ~0:00AM to 5:00AM.

  • Edge-V v13 has been completed
  • Edge v14 is being assembled today

@Robert enjoy!


All pretty in pink :wink:
Excellent and I did work hard (sometimes) but not to often and especially not today :slight_smile:


I’ve made a short video to show the SMT factory producing the Edge-V v13.

YouTube: The Making of Edge-V

We’ve also changed the stock-status of Edge and Edge-V to: Available



thank you very much, we do not realize the work provided by all the teams.



Nice video, getting close now.

I am glad to see that fish did not play a key role in the quality assurance process. No offense to the fish, I’m sure he is great with logistics.:grin:

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The fish does play a key role in the QA process:

  • Peace and calm to those who observe it.
  • Food



It’s nice to see how this board is produced and controlled. I’m eager to play with one of them.


I have been waiting for one of these boards for almost 7 months :smile: