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Good News!

Khadas VIM is available for presale on now, and there are two models:

  1. Vim: 2GB DDR3 + 8GB EMMC + AP6212(b/n/g WIFI) $49.9 at Gearbest.com
  2. Vim Pro: 2GB DDR3 + 16GB EMMC + AP6255(b/n/g/ac WIFI) $64.9 at Gearbest.com

And check the link for the coupons.



If any questions, kindly feedback to us as following ways:

  1. Just reply here directly.
  2. Create a new topic in our forum and describe your concern things in detail.
  3. Email to us at: hello@khadas.com



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Warning: I would like to warn you about Gearbest. I paid for a Khadas Vim on the 27th of Jan, the money was taken from my bank account on the 2nd of Feb. 2017 but Gearbest would not send the item, said they were far too busy to send my Khadas Vim. So I cancelled the order on the 4th of Feb., then Gearbest claimed they had sent the board on the 4th of Feb. and even gave me a fake registered airmail number. I asked for a refund but Gearbest ignored my request and has since ignored all my follow up emails. I have to say that Gearbest are nothing more than scammers because they lied, my Khadas Vim was never posted. So no Khadas Vim for me and no refund from Gearbest.

Hi Foxxy,

I am Lin from Gearbest.com. I think you might misunderstand something. From Jan 27 to Feb 2 we Chinese had our biggest festival. So almost all Chinese were on vacation. So the order you placed on 27 Jan couldnt be shipped soon.
After the holiday we tried our best to ship out all the packages. The tracking status takes some days to update.
Could you tell me the order numbers? Then I can find out what happened.

I am NOT misunderstanding anything. A fake registered airmail number was given on the 4th of Feb but nothing was ever sent, China post, Netherlands post, Hong Kong post etc all say the number is bullshit, okay. I don’t want anything more to do with Gearbest they, you, cannot be trusted, so I don’t care anymore I will shop elsewhere.

Hi Foxxy,

I know you are very mad and frustrated but could you tell me your order number? Then I can have a chance to explain?
Besides, if something went wrong and the vim wasn’t shipped, I can get you the refund. I think the customer service did a bad job at that time. I am not from the customer service team. I am trying my best to help you.

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Hi, Foxxy:
Sorry for that.
As what Merlin said, we had a long holiday in China at that days, and most of the company including the express are on vacation. Kindly provide Gearbest your tracking number, both Merlin and @willow will follow up this.

Topic: Chinese New Year Holiday for Khadas Team.

I ordered 5 VIM Pros at Gearbest and after following some reccomendations (insurance + country specific shipment) I received them 2 weeks later :sunny:

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I’m ordering from GB a lot and never get disappointed. The tracking number takes sometimes a week to update the first status, depending on the post of choice. Be patient and talk to support. You’ll receive your vim for sure.


Using PayPal is the first lesson on online shopping man.
My feels anyway, I had bad experiences with them but always won the disputes, and my Vim box came in 15 days and I’m like… WOW. :smiley:

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