Want to return Khadas Toneboard Randomly Stopped Functioning!

Unplugged and re-plugged cable and it worked.
Randomly one day my audio cut out. I have Sennheiser HD6XX headphones, and a JDS Labs Atom AMP. I confirmed that my headphones are working correctly, and confirmed via JDS Labs support that my AMP is working correctly. The light on my DAC is on, but no sound comes out of it.

Hello! maybe you can find a way to connect the headphones to the Tone Board, but still you need an additional headphone amplifier

I understand that I need an AMP for my DAC to function, and I mentioned in the post that I have an AMP. the JDS Labs Atom Amp https://jdslabs.com/product/atom-amp/

sorry, well then the easiest way is to check everything separately, starting from the source and then according to the scheme

Yeah again if you read my post I have isolated the issue to be the DAC. When my headphones are plugged into my motherboard they work. When I use my motherboard’s DAC with my JDS Labs Atom AMP everything works still. I confirmed that I had the Khadas Toneboard selected as my output device and also tried every other output device just in case it was named incorrectly.

what do you mean, computer or something else?

this is not a source.

connection example:
PC(need to install drivers)->ToneBoard->Headphone Amplifier->headphones;
TV->ToneBoard->Headphone Amplifier->headphones

Sorry I shoulud have been more clear. Computer motherboard with integrated DAC/AMP. I tested everything that has to do with my audio. Drivers->Toneboard->Headphone Amplifier->Headphones. Everything was working until one moment it suddenly stopped mid game.

Can there be a problem with the cable from the motherboard to the ToneBoard?

Do you mean the USB 2.0 to USB C Cable?

Yes, you understood correctly

Possibly, I am using the one supplied by Khadas, could they send me a new one?

I think that first you need to make sure that the problem is in it
Do you have a similar cable? you can still change the port (usb3.0) on the PC

Can a regular charging cable work?

yes, try everything, cables, adapters, ports on pc :wink:

another such moment, when you connect to a pc, the computer sees your ToneBoard?

That’s wild, I tried plugging it in again and it’s magically fixed. Thanks for your help!

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