Want to confirm if I can use the VIM3 interchangeably with my phone's 30W PD Anker wall charger up to max load usage?

I have this Anker wall charger for my phone:

With outputs: 5V=3A 9V=3A 15V=2A 20V=15A

With this cable:

Capable up to 60W.

Can I also use it on my Khadas whenever I need to?

Thank you!

Yeah I’m curious too, was looking at the x2 usb a,c model to charge my phone while playing on my vim3 desktop setup.

Yup VIM3 is capable of 5-20V power input.

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Your charger has a smart chipset that will send the optimal voltage and amperage to Khadas based on its electricity consumption (9V = 3A or 15V = 2A).
Your Khadas will use the 15V if it is connected to gourmant devices (SSD, M.2, fan, …) and even if the amperage for the 9V is slightly higher than what is recommended, it does not matter because he will take only what it needs.
The key is to have a charger that is 9V = 2.67A min otherwise you could not use it to the maximum of its capabilities.


Yeah, I was thinking about this too, but I did not question because the power will just spilt among the devices, and some chargers will allow higher simultaneous output, but not as much that the VIM 3 could run at max.

Thank you! You are saying 24W at minimum because that was the VIM 3’s TDP?

Yes, if you use USB-C 24W Adapter or a more powerful adapter your Khadas can be used to the maximum of its capabilities.
No worries yours is perfect!

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