VTV Rom for VIM 1

Could you tell me that exist the rom vtv for khadas Vim 2/16? What in your opinion the rom android more estable to use in kodi and android tv,

All the official ROMs are released at:

For the Android TV ROM, you can look around the forum and check developer superceleron for the latest ROM.


Thanks Gouwa
But in the Superceleron rom androidtv don´t have playstore ok, don´t update the app, could you test in your khadas. I recive yesterday the vim pro and today I install the heatsinks and the kil cool fans


Can you take a simple video about the issue?

And can you try to another HDMI cable or DC Adapter for testing again?

Sometimes the image disappears and the no have screen, the box stilo on. Can you help if I’ve done something wrong? I noticed that both happens on rom vim and on AndroidTV, new firmware ATV?

The PlayStore are done :wink:

I remove the heatsinks and os the same. I remove the kit and os the same.
I think that my new unit os defect item :thinking:

Hello Gouwa, I reinstalled everything again. The problem persists, it happens if you have several app updates going on and you continue to play in another field, or in the play kodi shoot if you have several addons to download or to watch a movie in pop corn or exodus In FH por fhd. On TV streaming nota have problem In the kodi version play store, do you think it will change? for another? Or can you help? In the past I had problems in streaming in khadas 2/8, blocked a lot, frozen the image, this resolved with the change of the app for android arm86, do you think this will be?

Please Gouwa

Help me :frowning:

carry reset button 2 / 3seconds and it does the same, it does not leave here, I have reinstalled 5 times to rom

Video on attch :

I’ve watched the video you posted. It seems that your power adapter cannot supply enough power for your VIM.

Can you tell us the specs of your DC adapter? Note that a 5V 2000mA is recommenced.

Good luck!

I tried with these two, but the procedure is the same, after a few minutes goes below … I can still use another one

Help me please

The 2nd one(white one) is 1A, cannot afford the power current.

The 1st one(Orange one) seem that fine, but can you try with another better quality power adapter? because from the video you posted, the system go black(actually is shutdown due to less power supply) after the Android animation logo.

When boot into android animation logo, the system will require more power current.

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Hi Gouwa

I try With this and works all day fine:sweat_smile:.
Thanks you for your help:ficha elétrica:

Best regards