Hi, link for the build please. Much thanks!:grinning:

Please update volumio krescue image to last version.

Hello, Krescue has been updated, did you check that ?
good day!

Hello! Do you have the latest version of Krescue?

I download new krescue image.
volumio version volumio-2.748
Latest volumio version for vim volumio-2.774.
Please update this image.


I hope Hyphop sees your request

ok i will check and update volumio images !
BUT: volumio same have standard update features

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volumio-2.748 cant update to 2.774
2 748 the test version.

did u try http://volumio.local/dev

And try to update … but after reboot version still 2.748
I download volumio-2.774 and burn it to sd card.
It work fine but i cant copy it to emmc.
Try dd if …
But after khadas dont boot.
And i flash it from krescue ver 2.748 and it boot again normal.

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OK! plz wait some days - i will check all :wink:


Hi, how can Volumio be manually updated on the emmc? What are the steps, kept poking it but no luck.
Via OTA it does not find updates and in Test mode after reboot it reverts to previous version.

Also what Volumio Image should be used if following these instructions to boot it from SD:

One last thing, any workaround for the reboot command not to shut it down and actually restart it?

Many thanks

Edit: found some answers here: https://community.volumio.org/t/volumio-2-on-khadas-boards/11509
So OTA not supported on emmc and the current version is too old and missing a few important fixes

As far as I understand, Volumio OTA is possible via sd, via eMMC to install via Krescue, and the third option - you need to come up with something yourself

as the manufacturer says, OTA via sd is in test mode, I don’t know how things are now

2.774 (2.779 launched in the last 24h) can be downloaded from the Volumio link I’ve posted, works fine burnt on SD, just tested. Updates will be slightly behind but newer than the emmc version which requires Khadas to update.

They also state this which does not work in my case if using the emmc Krescue build, reading through comments it might require a newer build than currently available on Khadas downloads site, where the OTA was possibly fixed:

“Restriction: Krescue images will not always reflect the actual Volumio versions as Khadas will not build a Krescue image for each Volumio version we produce.
After using a current Krescue image, the user can perform an OTA update to obtain the latest Volumio published version.”

please clarify, did you use Krescue initially or installed it on eMMC yourself?

So guess it’s advisable to use the SD version until maybe @hyphop gets the time to update the krescue image

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to be honest, I do not yet know how to choose the right images for installation, but there are recommended tools for downloading and installing, okay, I think everything will work out, and it will be easier for us, for ordinary users!

Please update latest vilumio image for krescue.

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i will try update it after one week !