Volumio for Khadas


The second installation of Khadas VIM1 + Volumio in the car and new visit to the competition in sound quality.
The result - the winner of the absolute class - the highest class, stronger system, AGAIN!

See more about this car.

Thank you for your great job!

PS: please add suport USB multimedia keys and power save mode.
Many thanks!!!


О каких ключах речь ?


Речь идёт о простой юсб клавиатуре с мультимедийными кнопками. Чтобы можно было подключить клавиатуру к волюмио и переключать треки и на паузу ставить.


Это надо @Stefan и @gkkpch спросить, существует ли вообще такой функционал в Volumio, там же вроде управление через вэб-интерфес работает.


Давай проще через gpio напишем.
Пиши чего надо сделать.
Трек вперед назад пауза и плей ?
Я такое уже сделал другу на проводной интерфейс алпайна.
Напиши в личьку если что.
Я ж тоже на соревки в экспертах выезжаю (пока чемпион)


Hello, is it possible to use the allo isolator with the vim2 at the i2s signal. My idea was to connect the i2s pins, the 5V pin and ground from the vim2 with the isolator and than to the dac, but this way don’t funktion. By the way I see, that at the 5V pin at the vim2 are only 4,85 V.

Thanks for answer



I’m using CM6631A as my USB DAC. It works OK on my PC, and I plug CM6331A into the USB port of volumio, volumio can recognize it, but I can’t hear any sound from it. Then I use XMOS instead of CM6631A, connect to volumio, everything is OK, the setting of volumio is all the same, so what’s the problem? I have tried both Volumio-0.7-2018-05-20 and volumio-2.419-2018-06-29, and got same result.


You may need to change the MPD settings.


Thanks for replying, can you tell me which setting? I have tried MPD playback settings, including Audio Output(CM6631A) and Mixer type(Hardware,Software,None), but nothing happens.And the volume is set to 100.


sorry for my ignorance, and my lack of understanding of the English language. I am new with vim2, and after reading the thread several times I have some doubts.

  • Is it possible to burn the volume image in the Emmc?
  • In that case I do not finish understanding the process, I’m sorry (I’m an audiophile not computer).
  • what is the best version to use vim2 with tone? I want to try usb and i2s connection to compare.

Thank you very much and sorry for asking repeated things, but I have not understood.


You have to ask @Stefan , he knows which version is better for playing the sound. I won’t be able to help for the next two weeks, I’m going on vacation.


VIM2 is too powerful for music only :slight_smile:

What is your preferred software for music?
If you are ROON fan it is easy. You can install it following the official Roon Labs guide almost with all linux VIM builds.
If you prefer Volumio, YES you can burn it on eMMC simply by typing “install.sh”. I prefer Volumio 04 build from balbes150 because there is no drivers for internal Amlogics’ sound.

If you use squeezebox or Daphile, it is easy as well.

Spotify connect is also peace of cake with Librespot.

Be more specific and i can drive you trough the process :slight_smile:


Thank you very much to both of you.

I am an audiophile, I will not use vim2 as a video player or as a computer. I will use it with Khadas Tone, I also want to try it with my Dac Diy based on Philips chip Tda1541A (https://volumio.org/forum/jazz-project-philips-tda1541a-t8588.html). I know it’s very powerful, but it’s also very well designed, unlike Rapsberry Pi, and I want to take the sound to the top end.

Use volumio and also Sygnalist hqplayer, over time you may also use Roon.

In that case, what would you recommend?

thank you


If you go for Volumio use balbes150 build: Volumio-0.4-2018-04-05-aml9xxxarmv7.img
The good in this build is that there is no drivers for noisy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and internal AML sound card as well :slight_smile:
So the Tone Board or your other USB DAC will be the default output.

You can install Roon Bridge and squeezelite in Volumio but you will need some basic linux skills.
Convolution engine (brutefir plugin) is also available and works fine with this Volumio build.

I don’t believe that HQ player have build for ARM architecture.


thank you very much stefan. and how could I install volumio in the emmc to start from there without needing a screen? just running install.sh from the console?

As for the version of communion to try i2s, in that case I think the version should be later. Right?

Best regards


New version 1.0 20181201 (as returned by the kernel 3.14).


Running VIM2 + Tone Board

Would like to check if it is possible to run Volumio and routing to the Tone Board DAC and not to use any of the sound card chip on board the VIM2.

Yes :smile: VIM board just treat Tone Board as a external DAC

How do I load Roon Bridge into VIM2? Currently the binaries is based on ARM, can we use the same shell script for installation?

Use the default installation script from Roon Labs

Any way to disable the wifi / bluetooth / AML M8AUDIO etc drivers ?


На последней сборке v1 проблема с репозитариями ни в какйю не могу поставить python3-pip
apt-get update не помогает
При отчистке списка пакетов совсем ни чего не ставится


С сетью всё нормально ? Покажите вывод выполнения

apt update

и результат попытки установки пакетов.