VIMS proposal (VIM3 NAS/server variant)

I totally agree with you tkaiser.

As I have been using the rpi3b+ as this was the best at the time I made a NAS for testing and it have been running since then. But with this hardware I always had to do workaround for large files.

I will give :+1: for this idea. What about the Platform to be used with the proposed hardware? OMV lacks web-based file manager like the Synology DSM. Do you have anything that can get the work done as web-based file manager and not the ftp style one.?

Also I found helios which is the same idea as yours but low performance CPU.

Any news about such board?
Please consider 2.5 version. I’m looking for such options with SSD, they are becoming more and more cheaper. Odroid hc1 case and idea looking good, but it is old and ipersonally don’t like the idea of booting from SD card for long run, so either it need to be able to boot from attached SSD or emmc. I believe that fanless nas with SSD is way to go, quiet, low power consumption. I personally searching for similar device. And for me personally price of popcorn transformer is not stop factor from buying it.