VIM4 TS050 Android adaptation

How does Android fit into this screen? Wrong touch direction and resolution.
Touch is horizontal.
The picture is vertical and the picture is extruded and distorted.


The next version of Mipi firmware will fix this problem. When this problem is corrected (Mipi screen will change to horizontal display), the touch screen will be normal.

Where will this future fix leave present purchasers with regard to this issue?

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I confirmed that the ‘Mipi screen UI display is flattened’ work well.
But there is a phenomenon that the screen is broken as shown in picture below.
Ksetting HDMI IN, Youtube( work well @HDMI out, @Youtube full screen by chrome)
Build NO. vim4_android11_64bit_v220906(from oowow)

We have not released this version of firmware. Maybe you can try the following version of firmware for verification (we haven’t officially released it yet)

I upload but the Build number is wrong (v220804)
And the phenomenon is still alive.(@ VIM4_IR_V220908 Firmware)
I’ll try the other version trough oowow-> v220826 has same phenomenon

It works normally in 90 or 270 degree rotation
That’s why I previously assumed there was no problem

@Jeter I played a video and didn’t find the problem you said. Then can you provide more details? For example, is it related to video? Is it related to the player? Is there a necessary step to reproduce the problem?

Thanks for your answer
Can you play this file in vim4?
On my device it plays like this.

@Jeter I know how to reproduce what you said. It is related to the video player. You played it in Google Gallery. If you use an amlogic video player, this problem does not exist. It is currently recommended that you use the amlogic video player. It will take time to solve this problem. We will follow up this problem later.

I am glad that the same problem has been reproduced.
Unfortunately on my device, I get the same symptoms when viewing a 1080p 60Hz video input with an HDMI input.(Link)

@Jeter Does your project require vertical screen?

My project require vertical screen → To be determined (may be Yes)
If I don’t use a vertical screen, does that go away?
Approximately how long will it take to improve?

Yes, there should be no such problem.
Our TS050 screen orientation is vertical, and the firmware we released is to support HDMI+TS050, so we need to convert the TS050 screen to horizontal display. So a lot of code has been modified. However, your current project needs vertical screen orientation, which requires a lot of code modification.

If so, can I check the problem-free firmware fixed horizontally?

I tested it with the 9/21 commit version of github.
When using HDMI In, the screen is output vertically and HDMI out is output in reverse.
So I want to put it back to 9/8. Can you guide me how?

We don’t need video (yet?) but we definitely need the rotation issue between display and touch resolved (for landscape / horizontal orientation). We build your VIM4 image ourselves since we have to integrate a driver. Do you have any Github branch or commit that solves the rotation issue?

@Gunter @Jeter @winter @Silver VIM4 Android 11 64bit V221228 Rom Release