VIM4 NPU Tensorflow Delegate

Hi All,

Are there plans to get the Amlogic NPU code enabled in the Tensorflow environment via a TfLite Delegate ?

Or are there ways to make the NPU work within TFlite ?


Due to limitations of how the software SDK works, it is not possible to expose the NPU as a Processing node to the tensorflow interpreter.


Thanks for the reply… but this is software. Hardware has limitations, software has challenges that can be overcome giving time and resources.

@RichardPar the provided APIs can be used to simulate the same behavior of tensorflow operations such as loading the model, running inference on input data as expected.

Even if the tflite delegate was provided, tensorflow libraries themselves are not very well optimized to run properly on the specific NPU.


GitHub link:

Download apks:

Much appreciated… but my intended use is not Android.