Vim4+new M2X breakout board with 4G modem

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

Ubuntu 22.04 (oowow image)
also using the Khadas 22watt power supply (i was concerned this wouldn’t be enough as its recommended the VIM4 uses a 30watt charger, but no UK version of that adaptor is available) i also have a Western Digital 1TB Nvme connected, with no power issues what so ever which is great!

Just wanted to share with you all that i have been successful in getting my VIM4 to work with a “Waveshare SIM7600G-H-M.2” via the new M2X breakout board. There are some software glitches which cause the network GUI in the top right of the desktop to glitch out for “mobile network” it will either says is disconnected (when its not) or will flash from “connecting to disconnected continuously”, but functionally it works well. I wanted to share this as its another opportunity to use a different M.2 4G modem which is a little less costly than offered alternative (money is tight for most nowadays). This is mostly a plug & play setup after installation of “minicom” however a few things worthy of note…

-main wifi (wlan0) works
-2nd wifi (wlan1) as the hotspot works
-4g network card works as “mobile network”

wifi hotspot works with wifi and with 4g to share internet connection over it, but you have to forget the stored wifi ssid connection on (wlan0) for the 4g to take over providing the internet to the hotspot on (wlan1). “you can disable (wlan0) but it also disables (wlan1) so kills the hotspot”

when i want to switch back to wifi after being done using the 4g network card, the wifi on (wlan0) connects but nothing works or resolves. i have to “sudo dhclient -v -r usb0” in order for things to work with wifi (wlan0) again.

i not a linux master so its unclear to me if the issues i am facing although not major would be software related & maybe can be pathed/fixed?

im happy to provide further information on request if anyone is curious or want to try this project themselves. but i will require some steps with commands to use in terminal to provide you what you require as mentioned above im not that great with linux currently, but trying to be

i hope this helps some & i welcome any questions