VIM4 Android 11 64bit V230428 Rom Release

Please check OOWOW to install the ROM.
Or check USB Burn Firmware Page to download the ROM for USB burning.

ROM Infos:

Version(Latest): vim4-android-11-64bit-v230428 Update List:

  • MIC: add Bluetooth mic support
  • LCD: compatible with old TS050 and new TS050
  • IR: add power key of khadas ir remote control for sleep wake-up system
  • WIFI: open wifi sta and AP coexistence mode
  • Camera: add hdmi-in as camera function
  • Camera: add the imx415 camera support
  • Camera: force the camera icon to be displayed regardless of whether there is a camera or not
  • Settings: fix selecting a timeout time has no effect
  • Settings: timed out entering screensaver clock changed to entering sleep
  • i2c-tools: change i2c tool binary
  • app: add DocumentsUI
  • Merge r_amlogic_t7_20221221_64_bit version code

Version: vim4-android-11-64bit-v221228 Update List:

Version: vim4-android-11-64bit-v220826 Update List:

Version(Beta): vim4-android-11-64bit-v220601(Preview Rom)

Known important issues:

  • No display after new TS050 wakes up from sleep
  • The startup logo displays stretching under specific circumstances
  • HDMI VESA resolution is not supported yet

Upgrade guidance:

The Android Source Code :


For reference


The 64 bit SDK code has been released. One thing to note is that after downloading the code, step 5 needs to be executed. Otherwise, you may not be able to pull large files, resulting in compilation errors.

Would you check up the software build guide?
I found that the “Building Android Source Code” link is redirected to VIM3 guide page which is not appropriate for VIM4.
And, at the actual vim4 build guide page, link for the " Install Toolchains for the Amlogic Platform" is broken.

@windchaser Thank you for raising the error in the document, which has been corrected.

Is there anywhere to see the development roadmap?

The changelog says that root support was added.

@goenjoy can you please provide any document/instructions on how to root my VIM4?

Hey can you respond to my question above as well regarding root access?

The firmware itself is root. You can use this APK to verify. This is an app specifically used to check whether the machine is root.


Im having no luck finding the TS101 for sale.
Could you point me in the right direction ?

Thanks !

Hello @zak-souid

Still not ready for sale, please wait the announcement.

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No problem, thanks for your work !

Thank you for the work :pray:

I today installed firmware vim4-android-11-64bit-v230428
After the installation when the system reboots (I ejected SD card and removed other usb peripherals that may interefere) the systems gets frozen with khadas logo on the screen with no further progress.
Best Regards

@zet34 Sorry, there is this issue and we will resolve it as soon as possible.


We also have a black screen on bootup issue on two separate VIM4 boards we’ve tested so far. (No TS, just regular PC monitors.)

@zet34 vim4-android-11-64bit-v230428, The firmware issue with the version was fixed yesterday. I forgot to inform you.

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@cadahl Are there any issues with the previous version? What version are you verifying? When was it verified?

Ok thank you. I will reinstall today

Thank you for the work. The issue has gone.
Best regards

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