Vim4 and OOWOW my look

Bit of a look at the Vim4 and OOWOW.
Personally I think WooHoo would have been a better name
First fire up of my VIm4 and lets see it do its thing.

No Case or bits with the unit received.
Did the thing mod to an old case I had kicking around,

Needed to make a small receptacle to fit the Smaller HDMI cable, drill and file. its ok
Could not get the BT antenna to fit, a slight File of the Corner and it dropped in sweetly…

First boot with OOWOW was sweet as.
First time used much more fiddling to do.

All neat in a temporary home.

Mini D to spec: well close :wink:

looks like early board dev demo ! please upgrade your oowow firmware to latest with tons improvements

like a song number two :slight_smile:


tnx for cool suggestion

Update this will be fun.

About to OOWOW, I could see things did look a bit dated
Reading the documentation, it’s as clear as mud presently.
Just need a quick how to update. 1,2,3 done :slight_smile:

Did not get into KRESCUE so this is going to be fun.
But No Guts no glory.

Let’s see if we can nut this out too many things to read.
I see no way to update internally from the current system installed Krescue, bugger
maybe hidden but time is wasting

From the advice given let’s have a look at

We have some images to Download from the documentation

Will try one see what happens I guess, no mention what to do with this image, it’s not rocket science.
Obvious to dump to a SD card.
With what you may ask, well I use Rufus, let’s try.
What could possibly go wrong.
I choose


Burn to a TF card insert and reboot
Forgot to Record it, oh well let’s see if I can talk my way through it.

Booting from TF card we are now in OOWOW…that has to be good.
Looking thru the Menu’s we find a one called:

Advance: sounds important enough

Then found

SPI Flash Options; that sounds even more important.


Write system to SPI Flash, sounds ok,
As we booted from TF card and it’s the system sounds like a plan.

I get are you sure etc and a few other words to ensure this is your last chance.

As mentioned, No Guts No Glory…Do it

Took a few minutes to download/update, then we get the reboot request.
Remove the TF card and cross the fingers.

It booted back into Android 11 that I showed previously that’s good.

Let’s do the Function and Reset button thing

WOOHOO or should I say OOWOW…we now have the correct SPI Loaded

Not so hard after all,
Been awhile since I have tinkered with Android or the VIMS
Did not get into Krescue,
Looks like I am sold on OOWOW, now just to work out all the other Menus and Stuff.
Well Done Khadas People.

by default oowow use autoupdate via internet (make user notification about update if fresh updates exist )

for some cases: trivial upgrade spi firmware from sd

Yep all good
As there was no update VIA Krescue old and yes trivial to update from SD but maybe needed
Just a walk thru to show it can be done and easy also
Easy if you do it all the time
First timers can be a challenge
Well Done
Thank you

Now for some OOWOW and ubuntu, all good easy to use (OOWOW) not a big ubuntu user :slight_smile: