Vim3L What USB hub is working for you?

Hi, just got my VIM3L. I’ve no issues EXCEPT I cannot get any of my 3 USB hubs to work. The powered hub locks up the Vim so it will not even boot.
Can anyone recommend a hub they have that is working. It’s hard to live with only 2 USB ports.

hi there,
wait, as far as I know, one usb2.0 port and a second usb3.0 port, have you tried connecting your hub through both?
there is also a switch on the hub itself.
Well and most importantly, the hub should work! But this is the lyrics :wink:
Yes, and most importantly, your power supply must of course meet the specifications of Khadas VIM3L !!!

@warchild I suggest you use the USB hub which with external power supply . You don’t have to worry about the lack of power to the USB port .